The citizens who scan their fiscal receipts with MyVat mobile app at the beginning of August, will receive VAT refund for the second quarter of 2020, Public Revenue Office (PRO) said Wednesday.

According to PRO data, a total of 41,650,814 fiscal receipts amounting to MKD 21,414 billion were scanned by end of June. VAT refund amounts to MKD 334,5 million (EUR 5,440,00).

For this quarter, the citizens will receive 15% VAT refund. In the third quarter, citizens who buy domestic products will get 20% VAT refund and 10% for foreign products when scanning fiscal receipts.

24,974 new users of MyVAT app were registered in April, May and June 2020, PRO press release said.

PRO calls on the citizens to update and correct any errors specified in the app in order to receive a refund.