Initial reactions following the promised reimbursement of 15 percent of the 18 percent value added tax are that the process will be difficult and the results will be low to none.

Instead of simply lowering the VAT tax rate, the Zaev Government initiated the process of reimbursement, which will involve download an app or snapping pictures of the VAT receipts, and then making claims. PressingTV spoke to every day customers asking them if they understand the process.

It will be complicated for the elderly, for the retirees, for people with no cell phone skills. It won’t be easy, one citizen said.

Others sounded more prepared to learn how it will work. “We learnt to play solitaire on the PC”, she said.

The Government insists that it will give 50 million EUR collected as VAT back to the consumers. Spread across the 10 billion EUR economy, the impact is not expected to be very noticeable, given that only 15 percent of what is collected will be reimbursed, and even that only for those who are savvy enough to claim the money.