The damaged depositors are asking why is Ljupco Nikolovski silent about the high-level crime and corruption in “Eurostandard Bank”.

Deputy Prime Minister Ljupco Nikolovski announced a fierce and uncompromising fight against crime and corruption in the country, announcing 2021 as an anti-corruption year. He also confirmed the responsibility for taking care of the interests of the citizens and serving them. He also announced a call center through which we can report corruption on a daily basis. His boss, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, encouraged citizens to report crime and corruption. He said that the law must apply to all. He said that regardless whether corruption occurs at a lower or higher level, it is equally painful for society, the damaged depositors of “Eurostandard Bank” reacted.

Moreover, they are asking why is crime and corruption are tolerated even after a lot of evidence and statements about organized crime and corruption. They say the only thing that can be expected is criminal responsibility and long prison sentences for all participants in it and return of stolen funds.

Will Ljupco Nikolovski keep his promise to fight this evil in society with concrete deeds and results or will empty words remain used for party purposes?, the depositors ask.