Interim Deputy Finance Minister Gordana Dimitrieska – Kocoska blames the outgoing SDSM led Government for creating an unstable business climate and for its pervasive corruption. In an interview with Netpress, Dimitrieska says that these were the main impediments for the Macedonian economy.

Adopting laws without consulting the business community, then withdrawing them, it all took a toll. The business lost its fate in the Government. On top of it all came the failure to complete infrastructure projects, the inefficient judiciary and the failure of institutions. Huge damage was done by the progressive taxation. Analyzing the tax revenue reveals an increase of a billion denars (16 million EUR) which added to business costs. Instead of leaving these money with the companies, to invest, we took it away, Kocoska told Netpress.

She said she doubts the Government’s growth projections of 3.8 percent, saying the far lower expectations of the World Bank are far more believable.

As an VMRO-DPMNE official, Kocoska announces that a change in Government at the April 12th elections would restore the business friendly policies which helped greatly reduce unemployment and draw investments in Macedonia over the past decade. She adds that securing NATO membership alone, which is expected in early 2020, will not help turn around the economy.

Investors are not driven by this fact alone, whether a country is a member of NATO. If there is no stable economy, an efficient judiciary, reliable tax regime.. why invest there? It’s a fact that NATO will contribute to our political stability which will help drive the economy. But, it’s just one piece of the puzzle, Dimitrieska said.