The Minister of Finance, Nina Angelovska, clarified on the show “Economski magazin” on TV Alsat the latest decree adopted by the Government for financial assistance to the economy, which was strongly opposed by the representatives of the catering sector, which is also one of the most affected by the very beginning of the crisis.

She pointed out that the employees who will stay at home will not receive a net salary in the amount of the minimum wage, ie 14,500 denars, but that those workers will receive only 9,000 denars. The financial assistance in the amount of 14,500 denars, according to the government decree, clarified the minister, will be a gross salary, per worker, which the state will pay to the companies so that they pay 9 thousand denars net salary to their employees, and use the rest to pay their contributions and personal income tax.

In this case, she added, the measure completely covers that 50 percent salary for those companies that have already done so and those who are already doing so, plus contributions and personal income tax.