The 2020 draft budget will focus on investments in human capital, i.e. a better health, education and social system, as well as strong support to growth of the real sector, Finance Minister Nina Angelovska said Monday, presenting the 2020 draft budget to the business community, NGO sector, trade union and the expert public at the Ministry of Finance.

She pointed out that such events are a good practice, as the views and opinions of experts, trade unions, the business sector and the NGO sector can be heard.

The reason why support for human capital is in focus, ie investing in citizens and creating better living conditions, is the challenge we face as a country: to maintain and upgrade our human capital. If we do not invest continuously in human capital, as a country we will not have a workforce ready for the jobs of the future, we will not be competitive with the world economy and we will not be able to sustain economic growth, Angelovska said.