From now on, foreign companies that want to invest in the economic zones in Skopje will receive lower state aid than investors who will invest in other cities in the country.

According to the head of the Directorate for Technological Industrial Development Zones, Jovan Despotovski, the reason for this decision is that the companies that invested in Skopje received higher value of the land, unlike the investors in other cities, while paying the same subsidized price from the state of six denars per square meter. In this way, “Skopje investors” are more privileged compared to those in other cities.

That the investors get more value for the land was shown by the analyzes made by the TIDZ Directorate , through a comprehensive study on the effects of some of the measures to encourage foreign investment in the country.

The goal was to introduce a smart approach through numbers, and not only to encourage foreign investors and their entry into the country, but also how to encourage balanced regional development, ie all our fellow citizens, not just the citizens of Skopje, to feel the benefits of foreign investments, says Despotovski.

He emphasizes that from now on foreign companies that decide to invest in the zones in the capital will have a lower value than all the others, ie they will no longer be privileged as before.