Former high ranked SDSM official Zoran Jovanovski made a scathing comment at the candidate nominated by his own party as Finance Minister – Nina Angelovska who held the office until recently.

The youthful e-entrepreneur Angelovska held the office until she was replaced by Fatmir Besimi from DUI last week. Her term included the bad mishandling of the coronavirus response and ended in scandal as she was revealed to have awarded stimulus funds to one of her own companies and had withdrawn her large deposit from the Eurostandard Bank just months before its collapse – in a clear case of using insider information.

Jovanovski was commenting about the first interview which the new Finance Minister Besimi gave. “You don’t have to be an expert to note that we are talking about heaven and earth. There is no comparison here”, Jovanovski said in a comment clearly aimed at Angelovska’s incompetence.