Dubai Expo 2020, the international fair that runs from October 1, 2021, until March 31, 2022, has started its tourism week, wherein over 190 countries present their tourism potential and investment opportunities in this sector.

The competitiveness of the Macedonian tourism potential on the world market is increasing, seeing the same at yesterday’s presentation of “Dubai Expo 2020”. The presentation organized by the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism was attended by more than 25 tour operators, media and influencers from several countries in Europe and Asia. The main emphasis was placed on nature, gastronomy and cultural heritage, which aroused great interest among the attendees, as well as the possibility of including our destination in the future plans for the Balkan round trips of several tour operators. Numerous visitors have a unique opportunity on 400 square meters, ie pavilion opened with the support of the host United Arab Emirates, to get directly acquainted with the cultural characteristics and centuries-old tradition of our country, as well as natural resources and tourism potential, rich history and ethnic diversity of our country.

In 2020, with the start of the pandemic, the tourism sector stopped, in 2021 the first steps were taken for its recovery and it gives hope that in 2022 we will adapt to the new reality and continue to manage the pandemic, to build a tourism sector based on the green concept and sustainability of destinations. Macedonia is perhaps the last undiscovered tourist destination in Europe that has all the possibilities for a quick recovery in tourism, and you should discover it and make it accessible to tourists and free travelers,” said the director of the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism, d-r Ljupco Janevski.