The price of diesel is set to drop by Mden 1.5, while the gasoline prices and the price of Extra Light Fuel Oil will drop by half a denar as of Monday midnight, according to a decision by the Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission (ERC).

The new price of a liter of Eurodizel BS (D-E V) will be MKD 74, Eurosuper BS – 95 will be sold at MKD 81 per liter, while Eurosuper BS – 98 will be priced at MKD 83.

A liter of Extra Light Fuel Oil (EL-1) will cost MKD 73.5, while the retail price of Mazut M-1 NS is set to drop by MKD 1.648 per kilogram and will cost MKD 38.130.

The ERC’s decision decreases the retail prices of oil derivatives by 1.60 percent on average compared to the March 17 decision.

“The reference prices of oil derivatives on the global market compared to the previous calculation have dropped on average by: 0.541 percent for gasoline, 1.152 for diesel, 1.318 percent for extra light fuel oil and 2.660 percent for mazut. The exchange rate of the denar against the US dollar is lower by 0.077 percent,” said the ERC