After the announcements for a significant increase in fuel prices, it is becoming more and more certain that there will be a large increase in electricity price. Prime Minister Zaev said Tuesday that he could not guarantee that electricity price will not go up.

He says the government’s plan is to reduce VAT from 18% to 5%, but he cannot guarantee that he will succeed because, as he said, “Micko can block certain laws”.

All things do not depend only on me. Now the price of electricity on the stock exchange has increased to 75 dollars and we, at the moment on the way out of the corona crisis, want to ensure in this way that there will be no increase and that the citizens do not to feel it. We see that the opposition proposes that, it is good that we agree. All things do not depend on me, but definitely the agenda is set and the state has a strategy for softly lowering the prices of market liberalization. We as a country should do everything to prevent the price hike. VAT from 18 to 5 percent on electricity bills as of July 1, said Zaev.

The announcements for VAT reduction on electricity bills are just another confirmation that starting August we will pay significantly higher bills because this fuel will be 15% more expensive.

The VAT reduction on electricity bills is planned around July 1 and according to the Prime Minister it will be valid until July 1, 2022 when the VAT will be 10 percent until July 1, 2023 and when it will return to 18 percent.