The Association of Business Owners in GTC 1973 will stage Wednesday a protest in front of the government building demanding immediate solution of the numerous problems in the City Shopping Center in Skopje and application of the legislation.

The owners of the shops in GTC have been alerting about the poor management of AD GTC for a long time, as they say to the detriment of their property and the property owned by the state.

They seeks direct contracts for supply with a licensed electricity supplier, joint management by all business owners in GTC, central heating contracts with a licensed supplier, air conditioning and heating controlled by the joint management body in GTC, drinking water supply contracts with a licensed supplier, temporarily closed shops to pay an elementary maintenance fee and to be disconnected from the heating / cooling and air conditioning system, for the business premises it owns AD GTC  to pay the same fees as paid by all other owners (heating, cooling, air conditioning, electricity, water, municipal waste, maintenance).