Price of heating will increase by 14.18 percent as of August 1, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) decided on Friday.

This means that in an average heating bill of 1,800 denars, the increase would be 250 denars.

All of Europe and the region have serious problems in the energy sector due to the excessively high prices of energy resources and the reduced quantities of natural gas imported from Russia. For the production of thermal energy, we use imported natural gas whose price today is about 10 times higher than the price in July 2021. The energy companies that provide heating energy requested a price increase of up to 78 percent. In today’s decisions, the price increase for the largest number of consumers who are supplied by BEG is only 14.18 percent, which is due to the significant subsidy in the price of heating energy for households by the Government, said the president of ERC Marko Bislimoski.