The Association of Damaged Depositors from “Eurostandard” reacts to the statement of the National Bank dissociating itself from all the actions we had listed, made by Governor Bezoska, she continues to superficially declare that everything is done properly in the case of Eurostandard Bank. This is one of the many statements in which Governor Bezoska consciously avoids answering specific questions. On the contrary, she continues to lie to us, ie the people who pay her dearly, the Association said.

They again ask Governor Bezoska how it is possible for almost 60 million euros to disappear from the bank on the day of its closing?

How is it at all possible that about 60% of the loan portfolio of individuals and legal entities in the bank are uncollectible or difficult to collect loans, money from our deposits that we did not get. Where are our deposits if everything was done properly?, the damaged depositors ask.