The citizens of the Republic of Macedonia will relive the same images and events from the 90s of the last century. Increased inflation, high prices of basic food products, and low incomes, warned VMRO-DPMNE, emphasizing that poverty is growing in Macedonia.

Inflation has completely eaten away the standard of living of the citizens, and the government has not moved a finger to increase the purchasing power of the population. The only thing this criminal government, led by SDSM and DUI, knows is a complete robbery through tenders and spending on unproductive things. While they are luxuriating with the money of the citizens, we have not seen a single capital project completed by this most incompetent government. As there is no capital investment, the country’s GDP for the beginning of this year is the lowest in the region, Kovacevski’s government decided to increase the debt again. For the last two years, the criminals from “Ilindenska” increased Macedonia’s debt to over 1.6 billion euros, and with the new borrowing this government will indebt the citizens for 2.3 billion euros and thus the public debt of the country will amount to over 7.9 billion euros, the party said.

Under the guise of crises, stressed VMRO-DPMNE, the government in just 3 years indebted every citizen for new 1,250 euros.