Inflation in Macedonia is breaking records, and unfortunately it is one of the highest rates in all of Europe. In August, an official inflation rate of 16.8% was measured, which is far more than the countries in the entire region. In one year, citizens in Macedonia pay twice as much for basic life products, bread, oil, milk, meat, fuel and electricity. In other words, what used to be bought with 500 denars today cannot even be bought with 1000 denars, said VMRO DPMNE.

The standard of the citizens is plummeting, and the Kovacevski government does not care. On top of everything, Macedonia, apart from getting impoverished the fastest, also has the lowest GDP growth for the second quarter of only 2.8%. We ended the month of July with a drop in industrial production compared to last year, and nearly a quarter of the companies have not paid their July salaries.

Kovacevski’s government is concentrated only on crime and personal enrichment. For that, they spend millions and enrich companies close to them. They let the people sink deeper and deeper into poverty. They justify that it was a crisis, but it is also a crisis for other countries that have better results. They justify that there is no money, and they spend budget money on all kinds of comforts and luxuries for themselves. The truth is that the main reason for this disarray is that the anti-Macedonian SDS party is in power, said VMRO DPMNE.