Kiel Macedonia held an event on Wednesday to celebrate the opening of its second production facility in the Tetovo free economic zone. The new plant, spanning 7,500 square meters, joins the company’s first plant, which was established in 2017 in Erebino near the village of Zhelino.

“The company started with 40 employees. We now have 180 and aim to reach 300 workers across both facilities, which manufacture seats for trains and buses,” said CEO Vladimir Stefanovski.

PM-designate Hristijan Mickoski also spoke at the event, expressing his pleasure at attending the launch of this significant investment by Kiel.

“In these challenging times, investing in the country is not only wise but also bold. As someone who anticipates gaining parliamentary support to lead the next government, I am committed to supporting initiatives that create jobs and boost the Macedonian economy. Successful business ventures like this reflect my sincere intention to drive investment, development, and technological progress, ultimately benefiting the people and ensuring a prosperous future. The new government will partner with the business community. One of our first actions within the initial 100 days will be to reduce taxes on profits, stimulating the economy. We will also cut administrative procedures and remove barriers that hinder business growth,” Mickoski stated.

In a media statement, Mickoski announced a significant investment worth EUR 450 million.

“On the second day of the new government, we will mark this substantial investment of about EUR 450 million, an unprecedented development in our country. This foreign investment will generate 20 percent of our electricity through renewable energy, moving us towards complete energy independence,” he highlighted.

He added that this initiative would make the country energy independent within a few months.

Other speakers at the event included Antje Wandelt, Director of AHK Macedonia; Aki Etemi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Normak Investment Group; Jürgen Mill, Kiel Group CEO; and Christian Schrand, General Manager of Kiel Macedonia.