Kovacevski’s first measure is increased electricity and heating, and more expensive bills for the citizens for 500 denars. Due to the incompetence of SDSM, and the desire for crime and racketeering, no coal was dug in REK Bitola all summer, and the plant was left without coal in the middle of the heating season. The accumulations were emptied, because electricity was produced while it was cheap, and now we are buying 10 times more expensive electricity,said VMRO-DPMNE in a press release.

The party says that in just two months, 86 million euros were spent from the citizens’ money to buy expensive electricity. That incapacity will now be paid even more with 500 denars more expensive electricity bills.

The incompetence of the government also results in more expensive heating. The incompetence of SDSM eats the budget of the people. Citizens are getting poorer. SDSM does not know how to deal with the crisis. We are just sinking with SDSM, said the party.