The failure to form a government and the conscious delay of its formation affect the whole situation we are in with the coronavirus crisis, primarily from a health and then from an economic point of view. Any economic deepening of the crisis leads to a social crisis and the loss of many jobs or a significant reduction in the already low income of employees, said the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia (KSS).

According to KSS, workers who are part of the informal, gray economy, seasonal workers, the long-term unemployed, especially those who are reported on a minimum wage that does not correspond to the level and complexity of the work, and they receive the salary on hand, will suffer great social consequences. Such workers, they state, either do not receive this part at all or receive it in a reduced amount.

The current Government has shown that in times of crisis it does not know how to use the means for stable management of complex situations, such as social dialogue. The unions were not or were partially consulted on issues related to cutting off employment rights such as the attempt to cut wages, salary allowances, the right to use annual leave, etc., and then those decrees were dismissed by the Constitutional Court, says KSS, adding that in order to overcome the social crisis there must be a social dialogue that will prevent such crises.