For four days, large portion of the Centar and Karpos municipalities are left without electricity at some point during the day.

The EVN electricity distribution company explained that for two days in a row there was a short cut in power supply due to network overload, but users were quickly switched to other power points. One of the reasons for yesterday’s outage was the network from the heating of some households, as well as construction activities taking place in separate areas.

No defect has been registered at the EVN owned transmission line, but no electricity comes from Skopje 3 station owned by AD MEPSO so that it can then be distributed to the users, EVN said.

MEPSO reacted to EVN’s statement about the temporary power cuts in the downtown Skopje area, which is happening since the beginning of this week.

MEPSO has at no time left the electricity distribution system is connected to the Skopje 3 station without power supply. MEPSO’s teams immediately went on the ground and checks revealed that there was no defect or interruption in power supply today from the Skopje 3 station to which the transmission line is connected. For more information on the causes of power outages, please refer to your Distribution System Operator, MEPSO said.

Whoever is right, the citizens are certainly at a loss.