The leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski held Sunday a press conference at which he stressed that the state of emergency and the epidemic is not politics, it is not a political contest, it is not polls, it is not an election and it is not a party interest. This epidemic is a threat to the health and lives of citizens, their safety and their economic and social existence, he said.

According to Mickoski, politics is not the goal now, politics must now have only the following two goals: saving lives and an economic chance to survive the crisis.

The leader of VMRO-DPMNE expressed regret for the narrow-mindedness of the government towards the indications of the expert public and their appeals.

As regards healthcare, we all see what is happening, I will not analyze numbers, but I ask test many, many more people. Experts say that will save more lives. Regarding the economy, where we rightly feel more experienced, with expertise from previous successful economic policies and handling of economic crises, but also with the human capacity we have in our party, I want to tell the Government: enough with politics and stubbornness. We have already said that the current measures of the Government are overdue, incomplete, unfair to all companies and citizens, to some extent confusing and will not give the desired and possible effect. A few days ago, I offered to go to the government and give our expert analysis and our proposals. And I will tell you why I offered this because I see that the government needs help and I see that not only is there a lack of sincere will, but they do not understand the things they need to do to save the economy. I am really sorry that no one has found enough responsibility to suppress unnecessary political arrogance and listen to what we are proposing. And we know more, we have more people in this area, and we have far more successful experience than anyone else. And this is not a time for vanities, Mickoski emphasized.

He stressed that his party had announced that it would submit a decree having the force of law that would allow companies to receive state aid up to 50 percent of the gross salaries of employees, or up to 27,000 per employee, or the latest average net monthly salary for December 2019.