The left wing opposition party Levica asks the newly appointed Finance Minister Nina Angelovska how was she able to process the changes to the budget which were presented just days after he appointment.

It’s interesting that she accepted to become Finance Minister a year ahead of the general elections, after having made no identifiable political or ideological statements over her career. We know nothing about her, other than that she is accumulating her capital by paying minimum wages to the employees in her company. It’s questionable to what extent was she familiarized with the proposed changes to the budget or whether she’s just a figurehead, a role she accepted in exchange for benefits for her private business, Levica says in a press release.

Angelovska let Prime Minister Zoran Zaev present the major points of the proposed budget rebalancing act, which includes cuts to chronically stalled infrastructure spending and a populist subsidy for companies who agree to increase the salaries of their employees. The founder of an internet discount company based on the Canadian Groupon, Angelovska has not been politically active in the past. The Government’s PR machine rallied to her defense, dismissing opposition criticism of her light weight position as sexist.