It is a lie that in Macedonia there will be a fairer tax system, that wealth will be redistributed to the poor and that the money will be returned to the citizens, the Levica party said.

According to the party, the pompously announced progressive tax plan as the Social Democrats are fond of calling it, and especially their spokespersons Branimir Jovanovic and Dragan Tevdovski, in the field of economics increasingly show its regressive features. The plan, the party added, was presented as a fairer tax system that should implement some minimal redistribution from the extremely wealthy to the poor who have nothing but their own labor.

This kind of ‘reform’ we can see today is just a mere set of measures to raise most of the budget money from the citizens who have the least, and then transfer the money through tenders to businesses close to the government. In addition there are the costs that the Republic of Macedonia, as the next NATO member, will face, and which the Social Democrats’ government is apparently planning to cover with the money raised from the pocket of poorer classes – precisely through the announced ‘delay’ of the increase in capital gains tax, for which there is no good reason to believe that it will not be permanent, Levica says.