Macedonia is not even ranked on the list of best highways in the World Economic Forum Report, according to which the United Arab Emirates highways have been declared the best in the world this year, writes “Pressing”.

The UAE has managed to become the world’s leader in road quality, with virtually non-existent infrastructure, using cutting-edge technologies and building materials. In 2014, “Emirates” launched a five-year investment of nearly $ 100 billion in road infrastructure and healthcare, delivering results.

On the list of 137 countries, Singapore is second, followed by Switzerland. The top ten countries are Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Japan, France, Portugal, Austria, the United States.

Of the countries in the region, Croatia is best positioned and ranks 19th, Greece is 44th, Slovenia is 51st, Albania is 57th,  Montenegro – 88th, Bulgaria – 93rd, Serbia -100th and Bosnia and Herzegovina is 109th.