Macedonia may be left without bread wheat this year. Harvest in Serbia began a few days ago, but local farmers say that there is not enough wheat for export this year. This is very important for us, because most of the import of wheat and flour in the country comes precisely from the Serbian fields,  “24info” reported.

According to the news portal, Serbia will not have enough wheat for export this year. Serbian agronomists from the Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade say that this year the yield is much lower than last year. The reason for this is the unfavorable weather conditions affecting the Balkans. What is worse is that there is very little wheat in our fields. According to the Agricultural Associations, there are large plantations where there is almost no wheat. There, where it is being harvested, the yield is 25 to 30 percent lower than usual. According to the latest estimates of experts this year the yield is expected to be lower than 1.5 tons per hectare.