The Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (SSK) from the government is seeking direct aid for enterprises. The demand has been outlined in 25 measures and forwarded to competent institutions.

Some of SSK’s measures include facilitated access to interest-free loans to cover variable costs, more transparent promotion of lines of credit and free access for everyone needing these funds, national guarantee scheme providing support for companies when taking loans, and resumption of the government salary scheme of minimum wage until March 2021.

SSK expects the government to implement them after adopting them in an adequate time frame.

The association also calls for all tax debts for 2020 to be postponed and to be paid in interest-free instalments. Its members also urge for urgent handling of gray economy using available mechanism that can be implemented now.

According to SSK head Danela Arsovska, the draft-measures, based on comprehensive consultations with the private sector, are modest considering the state of the economy.

The economic measures sent by the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce are based on the real needs of the economy that is facing myriad challenges, including the crisis-hit liquidity that can easily, very soon, lead to companies shutting down unless urgent financial aid is provided, she stressed.

Additionally, SSK has submitted measures targeting the sectors of hospitality, tourism and transportation.

After the formation of the new government, SSK officials met with top government officials of the economic sectors to discuss solutions for the real sector affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.