Foreign direct investments in the period January-March this year amounted to barely EUR 21.6 million, which is one of the lowest levels of inflow on this basis recorded in the country so far.

This is proved by the latest data released by the National Bank of Macedonia, which show a sharp drop in foreign direct investment compared to the same period in previous years. In fact, it is the historically lowest result in attracting foreign investment in the last ten years.

By comparison, in the same quarter last year, 235.4 million euros foreign direct investments were invested in the country.

Inflows on the basis of direct investments are low and most often come from companies already operating in the Republic of Macedonia. There are no new investments at all. In February, for example, there was even outflow of capital from foreign direct investment in the amount of 300 thousand euros, and in March the capital outflow of foreign direct investment was higher and amounted to 6.8 million euros. The comparison between this quarter with the quarters of the past ten years, in terms of foreign direct investments, indicate the lowes inflows ever.

These figures are contrary to all the praises of the government that we are flourishing economically, and that foreign investors are waiting in line to invest in Macedonia.