Employment needs are defined by the institutions, not the Ministry of Information Society and Administration. New job advertisements have been issued and will continue to be issued. Employments will not be halted because of the elections, because the institutions have needs. It is a living matter, people are leaving and people are coming, Information Minister Damjan Mancevski said on Wednesday.

Job ads are not issued by the Ministry. We don’t record their needs. That is why there are heads of institutions. We are not aware of how many ads are issued for hiring new employees in the public administration since it is not the responsibility of the Ministry, but the Administration Agency, Mancevski said.

Something that has nothing to do with elections, he said, happens at the end of each year according to the functioning of any Budget.

At the end of each year, fixed-term contracts are ending and, if there is a need, the institutions re-issue ads in the new year for new contracts. This is something that happens every year regardless if there is an election or not, but simply it happens on December 31st, this is how the Budget works. That’s why every year after New Year’s Eve we have an increasing number of ads for fixed-term employment contracts. It will happen this year as well as every year, Mancevski said.