Today we are here in the municipality of Petrovec as the mayor said, to talk about a success story that has been operating here for the past few years, we also have 17 new investors from a few days ago here in Petrovec, and we expect an additional 4 in the coming days, 500 new jobs in addition to the existing 1,000 jobs, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski, during Saturda’s visit to the Kojlija industrial zone in Petrovec.

Another proof that if you want, you can achieve exceptional results even in times of crisis. I regret that the example in Macedonia for such successful municipalities is rare, but at the same time I am proud that the mayor of the Municipality of Petrovec showed and proved that really when you work hard you can attract investors, open new high-paying jobs even in times of crisis. The municipality of Petrovec today can proudly say that it is the number one municipality in terms of the number of new investments and the number of opened jobs, although I must admit that as a mayor from the opposition he is much more successful, I would say the most successful compared to all mayors from the ranks of the government, despite all the obstacles that all those who come from the opposition have had in the past period, Mickoski said.

He also said that the recent economic indicators show zero foreign investors and that the last two quarters processed by the National Bank show that we have an outflow of foreign capital from Macedonia.

In the coming period, I expect that period to unfortunately continue, maybe slightly increase in the fourth quarter, and thus we are practically at the bottom in terms of foreign direct investment in the region, far behind our neighbors, and we cannot even compare with the countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Mickoski said.

The VMRO leader congratulated the mayor of Petrovec and his administration for the successes they have had in the past years, encouraging his to continue with his work and show how the people who love their municipality work and want it to move forward.