Prime Minister-designate Hristijan Mickoski announced that his new government would revise the national budget in the second half of July. Within its first hundred days, the government plans to launch an unprecedented new project in the energy sector, initiate two new investments, and expand two existing ones. Additionally, funds will be reallocated from the central budget to municipal budgets, and pensions will be increased in September.

Mickoski emphasized that the new government’s goal is “to implement projects of great importance to the citizens,” including new boulevards and streets, sewage systems, drinking water supplies where needed, new day care centers, schools, parks, and more. He noted that 20 percent of the territory or the citizens’ needs are not related to sewage.

The VMRO-DPMNE-led government aims to reach at least 300,000 households in its first term, reallocating 250 million euros annually from the budget to the municipalities. Following the budget revision in the second half of July, half of that amount, or 125 million euros, will be reallocated.

Mickoski urged municipalities to submit project proposals quickly so that “the money can be transferred immediately to a special account and tendered promptly to take advantage of the fall construction season.”

He also stated that he would personally oversee the implementation of a project worth “one billion euros for the real needs of the citizens.”

“The citizens voted for us. We need to pay them back,” Mickoski said, promising to increase pensions in September and March.

Regarding new investments, he remarked, “This has never happened in the region. I’m not talking about Macedonia.” He promised two major foreign investments and the expansion of two existing foreign investments in Macedonia within the first hundred days, along with many positive developments that citizens expect.

“This will be my personal focus, my commitment, and my inspiration as the first person working in the Government,” Mickoski stated.

He added that potential coalition partners are inspired and courageous, and the government aims to work as a unified team dedicated to serving the citizens.

“We are public servants. Anyone thinking they are above the public will lose their footing,” Mickoski warned. “Believe me, I will deal with him or her personally, regardless of whether they come from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE, the Your Macedonia coalition, or our potential coalition partners,” he told reporters after receiving the mandate to form a government at Villa Vodno.