Today we are in Kocani and we continue our activity after visiting Prilep, Radovis, Gevgelija, Veles. According to the plan we talk to the business sector, we talk to the real sector. Yesterday we visited the Chamber of Commerce, today it is practically followed by a visit to yesterday’s meeting with the Chamber of Commerce, here in the clothing manufacturer “Aleks”, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski during Thursday’s visit to Kocani.

He stressed that the state should not be an obstacle to business, the state should stimulate business. Because without a real and functional sector we would not have the real functional state at our disposal, and the services offered by the state.

He reiterated that the party will commit before the business sector all those legal solutions that are adopted, to be adopted after an exhaustive debate with the real sector but also with other target groups concerned by those laws.

There will be no ad hoc solutions and there will be no solutions that will be practically adopted in a hasty and one-sided procedure within the Parliament, said Mickoski.