The increase in the price of electricity is something that this government did not promise but realized. The price increase in conditions when we have a severe economic and health crisis is a serious blow to the standard of the state and is practically a robbery of citizens. Such a step, which was obviously previously planned to take place immediately after the elections, is a fraud of the government towards the citizens. We have hundreds of thousands of citizens living in poverty. Now they are plunged into even greater poverty, the leader of VMRO DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski said on Wednesday.

In short, increasing the price of electricity is a step that allows extra profit to a private company at the expense of the sinking of a state-owned company whose losses are paid from the pockets of citizens. There is no other country in Europe that increases the price of electricity in the midst of the Covid pandemic, on the contrary, we have numerous cases across Europe where governments decide to subsidize utility costs, but at the same time subsidize the costs that citizens pay for consumed electricity. Here, too, I want to be clear, let the government led by Spasovski and Zaev not shift the blame for all this to the Regulatory Commission, let it not invent excuses with attacks on the opposition. This is not a policy, but a direct blow to the pockets of the citizens and the standard of the citizens. The government is to blame for such an increase. Until yesterday, they could not brag about the introduction of a cheap electricity tariff, which is now annulled with the new increase, and pretend that they know nothing about this increase in the price of electricity, said Mickoski.