The Vice President of VMRO DPMNE, Aleksandar Nikoloski said on a talk show on TV Sonce that money laundering takes place with public money and instead of the government making the budget developing, it drags the country down.

I tried to explain what Zaev’s government is doing. Zaev’s government in just two years 2020, 2021 will indebt Macedonia for one billion and 500 million euros. The gap in the 2020 Budget is 920 million euros, and the projected gap for 2021 is 568 million euros. We have a billion and a half debts in two years, Zaev’s government in just two years owed Macedonia a billion and 600 million euros. A billion and 500 million euros was the total debt for 7 years, and now it is only that much for two years, said Nikoloski.

He says that the 2021Budget envisages a record level for salaries of 510 million euros, which is an absolute record of any government. Capital expenditures for 2021 are 371 million euros. As Nikoloski explains, this means that more will be spent on salaries than on capital investments.