The tax increase is a catastrophic measure of the government. Since this was announced, we have been in communication with the real sector and in the difficult situation in which it finds itself due to the economic crisis, it is thinking either to close or to do tax evasion, says the vice president of VMRODPMNE, Aleksandar Nikoloski.

In an interview with TV Kanal 5, he emphasized that with such a tax reform, instead of more, there will be less and less funds in the budget, because with the increase in tax duties and the increased electricity bills, they will not be able to work with profit, which will lead to thousands of people being left on the street without work.

What we think is correct, Nikoloski added, is that citizens should not be burdened with additional taxes in a crisis like this, when basic products go up four to five times.

He pointed out that taxes should be cut in order to give business a chance to have a level playing field, to be able to create new jobs, employ people and thus grow the economy.

If the government has enough financial resources to tax those who pay taxes regularly, let it reduce the criminal tenders in private and let it lower the gray economy to the European standard of 20%, which currently in Macedonia has reached 40% and so there will be enough money in the budget to service all needs, said Nikoloski.