Macedonian Zoran Stefanovski living in Berlin wrote a lengthy post on Facebook along with photos of the Berlin international fair for food and agriculture, where our country also took part.

In his post, Stefanovski expressed his disappointment with how our country was presented.

Our country was presented in the most miserable way possible!, he said.

In addition to the Macedonian cuisine being labeled as “North Macedonian Cuisine”, he says that although all countries presented their variety of products in the best possible light, our country’s stand was literally empty.

Empty chairs, empty cabinets, and the only offer presented by “North Macedonia” was BUREK FROM KADINO! And even there was no burek to try!, said the disappointed man, adding that a Macedonian stand can’t be imagined without wine, ajvar, cheese…

Isn’t the identity cemented! Isn’t there a special clause in the Prespa Agreement which stipulates that in terms of trademarks, the use will be regulated additionally on the basis of the work of an expert committee.  Obviously, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy cannot wait for this committee. For them, our cuisine is – North Macedonian, Stefanovski said.

No name, no date, no ajvar, no wine! By far the worst and poorest and most miserable stand of the whole fair!, he added.