The interim government anti-crisis measure expires, which reduced fuel prices, excises and VAT in a period of three months. As of midnight, if this measure is not extended, the prices of derivatives could jump dramatically. The government will hold a session today, but it is uncertain whether this will be one of the items to be discussed by the ministers. The opposition is proposing legal changes that would exempt food products from VAT, and the VAT on liquid fuels to be 5 percent by the end of the year.


In March, the Parliament adopted the amendment to the Law on Excise Duties, which proposed to calculate additional reduction of the excise tax on unleaded gasoline, gas oil as a fuel and gas oil as a heating fuel depending on the movement, ie the amount of the price increase of these fuels on world stock markets.

This is just one of the 26 measures for protection of living standards and liquidity of companies, as well as measures for financial support of business entities, which were adopted in March this year. The government has decided to reduce fuel, excise and VAT. The price of diesel fuel instead of 85.5 denars, as it was in March, then decreased by 10.5 denars, while gasoline instead of 91.5 denars decreased by about 11.5 denars.