The global economy is still very fragile and challenges are large. The general economic forecast has improved compared to last year, despite slow recovery, President Stevo Pendarovski said on Tuesday, addressing the inaugural Skopje Economic Finance Forum on “Economic recovery and growth post-COVID”, organized by the Ministry of Finance.

In his address, President Pendarovski pointed out that this topic is debated intensively and thoroughly around the world and said that it is very important that all discussions be conducted on the basis of real data, in order for economic policy makers to propose solutions. He spoke of the global economies, which he said saw huge declines in their gross national products, stock shocks and losses in almost all industrial branches, and he underlined that all countries in the world still struggle to protect the health of their citizens, and tackle the harmful economic consequences.

The President also referred to our country’s economy, which he said is not an exception to world trends and pointed out the measures taken, aimed at minimizing losses in the economy and helping the most affected sectors.

Undoubtedly, immunization is the key factor for overcoming the crisis and in that process, a slow pace and uneven distribution of vaccines must not be allowed, said President Pendarovski.