Ljupco Prendzov from the VMRO-DPMNE-led “For the Renewal of Macedonia” Coalition at Monday’s debate Parliament referred to the fact that the money from the 2021 supplementary budget is made for the purpose of voter bribery before the elections.

Most of the money goes to social transfers before elections and that is wrong, it is a bribe. If someone receives a salary of 14,500 thousand, and someone receives 12 thousand denars, social assistance is no incentive. Those who go to work spend much more than those who receive social assistance. It is bad for consumption, we need real reforms, real measures, if you want to revive the economy at all, Prendzov said.

According to him, today people need skills, they should be ready for new things, where there is a lack of staff, not who will vote for whom and spend 750 million more.