Konstantin Dimitrov, university professor and energy expert in an interview with “Skopsko Eho” talked about the energy crisis in Macedonia.

I have always said that electricity is a commodity like any other and that it has its own price like, for example, that tomatoes have. It has its own market price. About 4 years ago ESM determined that the production price of electricity is 42-43 euros per megawatt hour. But, for sure, in order to secure political votes and to court the voters, the Government ordered that price to be reduced to 36 euros and after that successful companies like MEPSO, such as ESM, which were big sponsors, had to take loans. They are now suffering loses and lack 20-30 million euros each, so the Government grants them financial assistance through loans from other companies or through loans from abroad. But at the same time, these companies MEPSO and ESM have increased employment, have high salaries. And now it happens that we have to buy electricity for a month at a price of 210 and 250 euros for one megawatt hour, and our production price is 36 euros. To answer directly, electricity price must be upped. But, now it will not be at 40 euros per megawatt hour because last year it was already 50-60 euros. Next year, the price of electricity on the market will be around 120 euros, and in summer around 80 euros, but it will not fall below 60 euros. But my recommendation is for the price increase to go gradually, not with a shock. So, one month to be 10-15 percent more expensive, and then as much next month, says Dimitrov.