The agreement to unblock the work of the Parliament was not being implemented easily today. The ruling majority wanted to advance on a number of items on their legislative agenda, while he opposition parties like VMRO-DPMNE, who are asked to provide the necessary quorum, wanted talk to focus on the urgent issues such as the stimulus package and a strategy to fight corruption.
The long delayed stimulus was not put to vote today, prompting questions from VMRO-DPMNE if there is even enough money in the budget for it.

We provided a clear path to help the economy. Where is the fifth stimulus proposal? We were blamed for delaying it. Now the obstacle is gone. Where is Zaev to propose it? A very likely explanation is that there is no money for it, said VMRO spokesman Naum Stoilkovski.

Work in the Parliament continued haltingly, as Speaker Talat Xhaferi tried to use the quorum to push dozens of items on the agenda, only to be quickly rebuked by the head of the VMRO group, Nikola Micevski, who asked that only the strategy to fight corruption is put to a vote. The strategy is seen as badly needed as the Zaev regime faces daily corruption scandals and a historic low in the Transparency International ranking.

The two sides tried to strip each other from the right to speak, and demanded delays and breaks to coordinate. The stimulus package should be on the agenda again tomorrow.