The trend of party employment in Macedonia continues. At the moment, several job ads are active in the Ministry of Finance, the State Audit Office, National Institution Film Center Vardar Skopje, National Institution Theater for Youth and Children Skopje, as well as employment in the national broadcasting.

According to the ads, people are sought for different positions from department managers, heads of departments, senior professional associates, archivists, assistant directors, associates, officers, independent officers etc, with the salaries, depending on the position, ranging from 16,000 to 37,631 denars.

All this would be fine, but if we take into account that the country is currently facing an economic and health crisis, then it is increasingly obvious that the government is continuing the wave of partisan housing of people close to it.

It seems that the rewarding of party activists cannot stop despite the announcements by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev that the administration will be reduced, thus reducing unproductive costs.