The irresponsibility, incompetence and crime of this government of SDSM and DUI pushed Macedonia into economic collapse, VMRO-DPMNE spokeswoman Marija Miteva said at today’s press conference, emphasizing that the latest announcement of new borrowing of almost one billion euros only confirms that.

Miteva emphasizes that this borrowing announced by the government is not for development, it is not for construction, it is not for new capital investments, but to cover holes and provide liquidity.

It is devastating. According to public information, the government will ask the IMF for 900 million euros to service the basic liabilities, due to the catastrophic situation with the budget. The current debt situation has been catastrophic, and now it will get worse. If the debt until now was over 60% of GDP, now with the new borrowing it will increase to over 63%. We started this year by exceeding the psychological limit of over 7 billion debts, and by the end of the year we will probably approach a new psychological limit of over 8 billion euros in debt, Miteva said.

Miteva adds that this government of SDSM and DUI for 5 years of government increased Macedonia’s debt to almost as much as all governments together.