The Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE, Aleksandar Nikoloski talked in an interview with Radio Lider about the whole situation in the country and said that if Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is so sure he will win the elections he should resign and hold elections in 45 days and see what the results will be.

The second thing we propose is for him to resign, to form a government of national unity or national salvation that should take Macedonia out of the biggest crisis in which it has been since it became an independent state, to get that government a broad support from all political structures in Macedonia and after that hold early parliamentary elections, to see what the mood of the people is, said Nikoloski.

During the interview, he also talked about the “Ilovica” mine, reminding that he had released information about this mine several times. According to him, it is interesting that there is a change in the ownership structure.

I think that the leading people of the opposition should publish scandals about the work of the government and I know that the government does not like it and they are running two counter campaigns, one is what you will do and the second is fake news. I started to release information intensively about the “Ilovica” mine which refer to the change of the ownership structure in the potential mine and I want to say that for environmental reasons I am against the opening of the Ilovica mine in the Ilovica-Shtuka area. I think that mine there will destroy the wider environment in the way it was conceived. What is interesting is that Zoran Zaev declaratively before the elections was also against the opening of the mine, but somehow he is silent now, he said.

Nikoloski reminded that sometime in April last year, Ilovica was bought by a company registered in the Cayman Islands, registered in a 4-storey house with an additional 20,000 companies registered there. Regarding the same house, former US President Obama said that it is either the largest house in the world or the largest money laundering scheme.