TV21 aired a report about the large number of Macedonian citizens leaving daily for Germany, in the on-going exodus spurred by poor working and living conditions in the country.

The television covered ethnic Albanians from villages around Tetovo, who head for Germany. One of them is Hesat Bexheti, who told TV21 that the entire village is looking for a way out. He is heading for Rostock.

There is work here, but all I earn is gone after I pay the electricity bills and support my children. I had the work visa in Germany for three years, I applied at a time when they were giving them out easily. All the people going with me are from my village, everybody is leaving, Bexheti told TV21.

In an other majority Albanian part of Macedonia, in Slupcane near Kumanovo, the television reports that the villages seem almost empty.

More than 200 people left from the village. We don’t have the most important thing that makes a village – the villagers, says Seladin Shahini.

Few months ago German Ambassador to Macedonia Thomas Gerberich wondrered out loud how is it possible that a small country like Macedonia can generate between 70 and 80 work applications each day. “For a country like Macedonia that is a big number”, said the Ambassador.