Because of the exceptionally low prices of grapes from the current harvest, VMRO-DPMNE calls for urgent steps from the Government to help the farmers. VMRO Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski met with farmers in Sopot where he said the grapes fetch prices as low as 2 to 4 denars per kilogram, which is far below the break – even level of 15 denars.

Even the subsidies can’t help here, with the prices so low, and the quantities that are being ordered so reduced. Only in Sopot nearly the entire harvest of 9 to 12 tons remains unsold, Nikoloski said, accusing the Government of working with what he called the “green mafia” of whole-traders with farm products.

Nikoloski said that the Government has the resources to help farmers, especially as it is spending money on vehicles and other luxury budget items.

We will be in the streets with the farmers, we will be with them in front of the wineries and we will protest in front of the institutions of the criminal SDSM – DUI Government that are responsible for this, Nikoloski said.