The Macedonian economy is sinking along with the standard of the citizens, said VMRO-DPMNE.

Macedonia has the highest inflation rate in the region and one of the highest in Europe. The latest official data on the inflation rate says it reached 16.7%, which is higher than the average in the Eurozone which is 9.1%, than Serbia with 12.9%, and even Poland and Hungary which are in the immediate neighborhood of Ukraine, and have an inflation rate of 16.1% and 15.6% respectively.

Because the deserter Kovacevski manipulates the public that inflation is the same everywhere as in Macedonia, and even in the US, he should know that in the US inflation is only 8.3%.

This shows that the standard of the people is falling precipitously, and the almost twice as high inflation in our country compared to the European and American economies, shows that to a large extent what is happening in our country is caused by domestic sources. The key problem of the Macedonian economy is the incompetent and criminal government led by the kleptomaniac SDS.

At the same time, another devastating data came out, and that is the forecast of the World Bank for the growth of GDP for this year 2022. According to this renowned institution, the growth of the Macedonian economy will be disastrously small at only 2.1%, and only Russia and Ukraine are worse than us in Europe. If we add to this the huge level of inflation, then we are led to stagflation in which the small growth will not even be noticed.

This government led by the deserter Kovacevski has brought Macedonia to a level where it is a country with a destroyed standard, a destroyed economy, a country that begs for food and electricity, a country that has been eaten up by the corruption of the government, says the party.