Four years of SDSM, four years of failures. Of the promised 5% GDP growth each year, we got 0.7% for four years, and a failed tax system that increased poverty, VMRO-DPMNE said on Thursday.

After four years, the announced clinical center is nowhere to be found. From a finished project left by VMRO-DPMNE, which was supposed to cost the citizens 120 million euros, they want to make a clinical center with a 30-page study, for which they are asking for half a billion euros. The same clinical center is being built in Belgrade, with the same performance and costs 125m euros. This is a robbery of the century.

During the COVID crisis, the government did not take a second to help artists and cultural workers. While the countries of Europe and the neighborhood made strict protocols and opened cinemas and theaters to raise the national spirit and there is cultural elevation in such a difficult situation, Stefkoska and Zaev closed them.

Farmers are not on the agenda of SDSM at all. After impoverishing the farmers, they set out to sell the land. SDSM plans in the first three years with the annual programs they want to adopt, to sell 50,000 hectares of the highest quality agricultural land. The people will be left without money and without land.

Education is devastated. The textbooks are being abolished, and a project is being offered that only aims to take over 120 million euros from the budget. Digital textbooks as Carovska imagines will cause discrimination among children.

For 4 years, Zaev did nothing for the pensioners, they were left without their increase that they would have had if VMRO-DPMNE was in power.

Macedonia is also stagnant in terms of infrastructure. While there are ultra-modern trains in the region, with SDSM in power, Macedonian trains are set on fire every day and sold by Macedonian Railways. There has been no progress on the Kumanovo-Bulgarian border railway for four years.

SDSM has not done anything for sports for 4 years. After coming to power, VMRO-DPMNE will pay special attention to sports. One denar of oil derivatives will go to a special fund of 13 to 15 million euros and it will be used to promote young talents, to maintain the existing sports infrastructure, as well as new sports infrastructure.

SDSM ravaged the country for 4 years, stole from the people, and only the ruling elite lives, and the people survive. 4 years of Zaev’s rule, 4 years of stolen life. It was enough!, the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party said in the press release.