Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in a debate in the Parliament announced part of the decisions in the economy that he announced in the upcoming period.

The first point is a freeze of contributions in the country for all workers, substitution of 90 percent for each increase in salaries in terms of contributions. What does that mean? Many people take 20,000 denars net salary and additional 6,000 or 9,000 denars in cash – why do the bosses do it? To avoid paying contributions. And they pay personal tax, tax on profits and give cash in addition to workers’ salaries. In this case, I will take a step, I will substitute the contributions, 90 percent, in only one case, the Pension Fund will be stabilized. To raise the pensions by 1,000 denars, for example, such a step should be made, Zaev said.

Let’s limit the exemptions from all duties, all small businesses with three million denars total turnover – such steps should be taken. And we will take such steps, and we will see whether we will go bankrupt or not, time will show – but you are scared of the measures that can be taken as bold steps that we will undertake, the prime minister added.