Kresnik Ramadani, director of the MEPSO energy transportation company, warned that due to low domestic production the company will likely have to pay 15 million EUR in fines, money which the company doesn’t have.

The company tapped into the European network without having a procurement contract. Such actions are allowed only in cases of an incident and lead to hefty fines.

With all the hydro plants, the coal plants, renewable and the TE-TO gas plant, we produced, for example, 500 megawatts on October 23rd. Consumption was 1,000 megawatts. With agreed imports, we were still 315 megawatts short. We tapped the European network, but that has so far carried four warnings from the center in Switzerland. It is against all rules to divert this extra energy toward consumers without a reported incident, Ramadani said.

The Zaev regime has badly neglected energy production, especially when it comes to preparing sufficient reserves of coal in Macedonia’s main energy plant – REK Bitola. Zaev even talked about shutting it down and putting solar panels around the mine in a matter of years. But with the looming energy crisis, and after a failed attempt for an emergency purchase of coal from Kosovo, Macedonia now faces a serious problem during the winter.