VMRO-DPMNE official Dragan Kovacki today published Viber messages exchanged between top police officials and leaders of the SDSM party in the city of Prilep. The messages reveal that the police was following the VMRO candidate doctor Borce Jovceski, and was intruding on his campaign, following his activists and planned attacks on them.
Grab his car. Kill him. I have two bodybuilders who slapped him around the last time, I’ll sent them again to pay him a visit. These are just some of the messages that were exchanged in the Viber channel.

The channel was named XXX, and from what we have seen, it includes the police commander of Prilep Darko Cuculoski, his deputy Vanesa Kolasinac, Emilija Velkoska from criminal affairs office and Kire Kitanoski, personal driver to Oliver Lukarovski, who is adviser to Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski. It’s clear that Kitanoski is giving the orders in the group. The orders are to go after all who don’t support SDSM in the city, Kovacki said.

He read some of the chilling messages, which clearly show that the opposition candidate is “tailed” by the police.
This evening, at 19h, the second building in front of the ZOO, a black Toyota jeep PP0200 license plates, Borce Jovceski was sitting there with Miki Cadamov on the driver’s seat who gave him a lit, or rather documents, one of the messages show.

In another message, the group is informed that a person is going to tend to the voting on election day. “Grab his car, kill him,do something”, is the response from Kitanoski, apparently coming in the name of his boss, Interior Minister’s adviser Lukarovski.

During the campaign, Jovceski faced overt threats from SDSM party activists, who were telling him through social media to drop out of the race, “to save his family”. Jovceski had lost one of his sons and the threats were aimed at his surviving son. SDSM thugs also attacked a crew of the Infomax news site that reported extensively on the vote buying and intimidation of voters in Prilep.

In the end, Jovceski won in a landslide, as the people of Prilep rebelled against the pressure put on them by SDSM. VMRO-DPMNE beat SDSM 19,000 to 14,000 votes in the council and 22,000 to 14,000 in the mayoral race.
Prilep police was in the news early this year, when then commissioner Kire Spirkoski was arrested while he was escorting a shipment of 200 kilograms of marijuana, that apparently originated from a plantation secretly owned by the Zaev family. Spirkoski was arrested in a raid supported by the DEA, along with the personal driver of Trajce Zaev, the influential cousin of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.